Fashion, Football and Feminism: Hafsa Lodi & Houriya Altaheri

For all of women’s advances in recent years, feminism remains a fraught topic and women still have to find creative ways to assert themselves in different areas. Hafsa Lodi and Houriya Altaheri, trailblazers in fashion and football respectively, discuss their careers and the recent events and ongoing trends that have affected women’s prospects.

American journalist Hafsa Lodi has covered fashion in the Middle East for the past decade. Her book Modesty: A Fashion Paradox has enjoyed critical praise, with Harper’s Bazaar calling it “a well-researched and tender portrait of the politics and people behind a movement.” Houriya Altaheri is an Emirati sportsperson, FIFA coach and instructor, and businesswoman, currently Head Coach for the UAE Women’s National Football Team. Her book Becoming a Legend tells the story of how she contended with both a traditional culture and a male-dominated sport in pursuing her dreams.

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